Tuesday, December 27, 2011

home for the holidays.

i have taken more naps in the last three days than i have in the last three months. i have dozed through movies. i have fallen asleep on top of the covers because my dogs keep me cozy warm.

i have watched more television than i have in the last six months. i love iron chef.

i had easy cheese, and mom gave some to the dogs.

the gift i gave my mom of a hot air balloon ride for her and i still has her in shock.

my car is all tuned up and ready to go for another six months or whenever i make it home next; thank you, dad!

i'll be going to see my longest best friend later today.

my parents love the dogs. i might have my dad won over to get mom an indoor dog. ginger is melting his heart.

my mom found a note my grandmother who has passed away wrote me in 1993 and put it in my stocking. it was even written around Christmas time.

painted my mom's fingernails sparkly red then painted mine to match.

having a wonderful time at home!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

cool little things.

Merry Christmas, everyone! (yes, this is a scheduled post. i'm not blogging on Christmas)
i think i might make "cool little things" a weekly Sunday thing? seems like it'd be easy enough....

gravity dice. aren't they darling? handcrafted by french artist Suzy Lelievre.

ironwood maple soy wood wick candle. i prefer soy candles, because they burn cleaner and cooler and it seems that fragrance is usually mixed more thoroughly through them. this one has a wood wick, which, if you haven't had one, make a delightful crackling sound while they burn. and it smells like maple syrup. win, win, win.

1907 ring. made by Wintercheck Factory. based on a vintage ring, it swings apart and reveals a personal message. made in sterling silver, brass and 18k gold (white and yellow).

Thursday, December 22, 2011

2011 in photos. pt 1

so 2011 was a cool year. i went to more than 15 shows, and shot many for Swaager, i adopted 2 adorable dogs, and participated in my first wedding. so i'll go thru month by month, this is jan-june. i've heard that my posts are rather short from a reader, this one should be pretty long...just look at the pictures if you aren't interested.

i rang in the new year by going to the Crystal Castles show in Boulder. i rode a party bus with a bunch of drunk pretty people and a guy i was interested in at the time.
our bus driver wore a tux. if he had only known what he was getting into.
Pictureplane was one of the openers, he never disappoints. "who likes dubstep?" crowd screams "good, because i'm not going to play any!" 
Pictureplane's....is "backup dancer" the right name if you can't stop staring?
the 2nd opener Chain Gang of 1974 was about run of the mill, stereotypical rock crap. they took forever to set up. forever.
then Crystal Castles brought the crowd to its knees. its amazing that a little tiny girl who screams and wears her coat on her head can make a roomful of people go wild.
at midnight, i had what i hope is the most awkward new year's kiss of my life. then we needed to gather everyone up to head back to denver. as everyone traipsed onto the bus, one guy was missing. he texts a girl saying he is in the hospital getting stitches in his hand. so the solution to this was going and picking him up, in a party bus, at the boulder hospital. obviously.

later in the month, i went with J to Estes Park for the Winter Festival. read: we went because you could get in large, heated tent for $5 and taste test all of the chili you could eat. we tried every single kind. they also had ice sculptures and ice artists and small ice blocks for kids to throw around. 
we swung by the Stanley Hotel, where the Shining was filmed. it's not nearly as threatening looking without all the snow. 

i got the wild urge for a change and chopped off a lot of my hair. and at the very end of the month, i was matched with the young lady that i've been mentoring (aka having a wonderful time) almost every weekend since.
one of the first times we hung out, we made and decorated cookies. i forgot about the last batch in the oven, and we had a literal little black dress.
i really do not remember much of march. and apparently there wasn't much that was picture-worthy. all i have is the only painting that i completed for the year.

(bear with me, the word "first" appears a lot in this paragraph) the fourth month of the year marked the first shows i shot for Swaager. first up was Arcade Fire up at the 1stBank Center. their opener was the Local Natives (pictured first). it was my first experience in a photo pit and so exhilarating.

the marquee at the top of this picture was probably one of the cooler stage elements i saw all year.
i love the girl clapping in the background of this shot.
later on in the month, i shot the Rural Alberta Advantage and their opener, Lord Huron at the Hi-Dive. i fell in love with Lord Huron that night. seriously, like every single one of the members is gorgeous in their own right, then their music sounds like a road trip. the RAA set was hauntingly beautiful.

and finally, at the very end of the month, i shot locals The Centennial. their openers, whom i forget the name were hilarious, they looked like a bunch of high schoolers, wearing face paint and howling like banshees at random points in their loud noise (i struggle to call it music). The Centennial was great though.
this picture was actually picked up by the Denver University paper The Clarion
may was a full month! a bunch of shows and i got ferdinand!!

the first one i shot was Dr. Dog, opened by Paper Bird at the Boulder Theater. Paper Bird blew me away. the three lead vocalists blend so well, in a modern, folky Andrews Sisters kind of way. and their trombone/harmonica player and backup singer was hawt. haha.
Dr. Dog isn't really my scene, but they put on a good, high energy show, i enjoyed the challenge of catching them not moving.

told you.

i adopted Ferdinand Eugene Kraucunas on May 10th. it was quite the ordeal. we went in for a scottish terrier and came out with a french bulldog. then i was called a few hours later and told that they had made a mistake and i had to bring him back. my adult response was to hang up on them, have a hissy fit, consult with a lawyer friend (and frenchie lover), then tell them they couldn't have him back. to their credit, they made it right and refunded my adoption fee.
i remember the first monday after adopting him that i walked into work with a smile on my face. when is the last time you remember doing that? he is such a blessing in my life.

the same day i adopted ferdi, i went to Yelle with Brianna to just see the show, as that she had the Swaager super nice Canon. then we couldn't figured out how to make it work. so i shot the show with my camera. thank goodness i pretty much always carry it around. Yelle is so adorable and fun! after each song she yells, "Merci beaucoup!"
this was the only show of the year with costume changes.

a few days later, i shot Portugal, the Man. i love their music, but i guess i didn't realize how it could really appeal to stoners. when i got to the show, there was literally smoke rolling out of The Bluebird when they opened the door to let me in. and it was really frustrating because the band would only front light themselves for a split second maybe every two minutes. and they used a couple fog machines. and the crowd got on my nerves. so i kinda got the shots i needed and got out.
wasn't joking about the fog.

i also covered both days of the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon, which, though thrilling (and by thrilling, i mean cold) i don't really feel the need to share any pictures.

in june, i adopted Ginger Lou, my parents visited, and, of course, i shot a couple shows.

first up, i caught literally the last song and the encore of Noah and the Whale. oops.

the next day, i headed over the the Fillmore Theater for the first time and shot Bright Eyes, opened by Jenny and Johnny (pictured first). these two groups probably had some of the better lighting cues of the year.

mmm.. Omaha-native Conor Oberst

refreshers on other stuff i do: i have a dog and i mentor. here are some photos that don't involve microphones.
he was ashamed about something.
she's quite brave.

so after having ferdinand for a while, and playing and playing and playing until i couldn't do anymore and him still whining for interaction, i decided to get another dog. after what seemed like forever (2-3 weeks) of watching the adoption website and multiple visits. i brought ginger home. she is a corgi/dachshund mix, i describe her to everyone as long and low. ferdi was smitten with her immediately, she took a while to warm up. but now i can't imagine my home without my little lady. she's my dancing partner!

finally, my parents visited at the very end of the month. it was a great visit, perhaps a little hectic with two basically brand new and untrained dogs, but great none the less. we visited Garden of the Gods, a farmers market, and Estes Park/Rocky Mountain National Park to name a few things.

my mom loved this little guy, i have like 8 pictures of him

so this is the first half of the year. my fingers are exhausted and this has taken me like 2.5 hrs to put together. so you'll get the 2nd half of the year later. i need to pack as that i drive to Nebraska tomorrow.