Friday, October 28, 2011

something new.

for anyone who has worked in a nonprofit, you know that the holiday season is a steam engine running you down busy.

over the next 2 months my office is having a food drive and basket distribution, holiday party, letter campaign, and..oh yeah, writing a strategic plan. guess who a lot of these work activities hinges on? this generally means i eat things that are not so super for me (dipping cheese cubes in chocolate fruit dip, anyone? burger king twice in one day? why not!) and that makes everything worse because my mind & body are trying to produce top notch work while i'm not treating them right. i've been having a trouble focusing anyway lately.

wednesday was the first snow in denver. which sucks because it was still the tail end of the color change on the trees and it pulled the leaves down. however, it has me thinking about how when winter rolls around, i put on a "winter coat". ladies, you all know what i mean. so i'm making some diet changes.

until at least Thanksgiving (or making a brief concession on that weekend) i am going to go pescetarian, eating only seafood for meat. i am also going to reduce my gluten/wheat intake.

this may be pretty difficult for a girl who was raised on meat and potatoes meals and a piece of buttered bread on the plate to mop up any leavings behind. but i have been living in denver for over two years now, and i've learned a thing or two about healthy diets (though enacted little of that information into my life.) and will probably be picking my ex-whole foods employee/celiac (and delightful) friend's brain a bit too.

i departed from my beef eating days with one last hurrah, a cheeseburger from five guys, then went to H Mart in aurora, it's the size of a walmart, but full of Asian goodies. i like to wander like a tourist with my mouth agape.

got a salmon plank big enough for two meals, some tiger shrimp and calamari rings. also some spaghetti squash to replace some of my pasta consumption. tofu, both firm and silken, to keep my protein intake up on non-fish days.

i also got fuji apples the bigger than a man's fist. i had one for breakfast/brunch this morning. mostly because it took me 45 minutes to eat it and i moved into the brunch time frame. 

i've gone over a month with only one instance of drinking soda. on to the next challenge, rt?

Photo credit: Kitschy Living and IamKoream

Monday, October 24, 2011

wiped out.

last week was exhausting. what with donor fairs, night meetings and a friend bumming up his knee i was just wiped out.

i am an introvert who can turn on the extrovert when needed. i can, in fact, be charming. however, it is like driving an old truck up a mountain against the wind. i run out of energy fast.

on saturday, i got a new (used) couch, which the dogs promptly ripped into two of the cushions of while i was returning the uhaul pickup. being angry exhausts me too.

so to say that i came to work today refreshed from my weekend would be a lie. i needed another day of doing nothing but pet the dogs and read.

good news: the little lady i mentor and i won the "best partnership theme"  (aka top prize) in the costume contest at the mentoring halloween party. a pirate and treasure.

off to writing reports, i have like 3 this week.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


From Keiko Lynn

halloween has always been one of my less favorite holidays. i'm sure it has something to do with growing up in Nebraska, where it could be 70 degrees or it could be blizzarding and you were expected to want to go drag your parents out into it.

this year i have no good ideas for a costume and i don't really feel like hunting one down. i bought a costume when i was a freshman in college (slutty referee), and i think that will be the last time i do it. i did inadvisable things that night.

last year i was little red riding hood; and i'll just go ahead and say it, i was cute. but i just don't have the same drive this year to look adorable. for the mentoring halloween party, my mentee and i are going as a pirate (me) and treasure. we're basically drowning her in mardi gras beads and a crown and what not.

it's an opportunity to be someone/something else. maybe i'm just cool being me. we'll see if i get out of my holiday funk here in the next week or so.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


 tomato soup and a grilled cheese is one of my favorite meals. ever. even the school lunch version was good in my opinion.

now that ferdinand is shivering when we go outside and i have to close windows at night, it is time to bring on the soup!

i just came across a soup club on Life According to Celia! woo! but some of the stuff that she has been sent and has posted scares my midwestern tongue.

now, i know people actually read this because there is google analytics on the back end of blogger. folks, what is your favorite kind of soup?

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Monday, October 17, 2011

back in the saddle

i'm back in the office after being out since last wednesday. five day weekends should come around more often.

i had over 50 emails in need of response waiting for me, a file folder full of action items from my boss, and a cloudy sky that made it even harder to get out of bed.

this is definitely one of those days that i have to keep reminding myself that i'll never live october 17, 2011, again and i need to make it the best i can.

also, i have a meeting nearly every night this week for something or other.

UPSIDE: i am wearing my black workout pants that are office acceptable so ultimate comfort is happening here.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

miss klassen no more.

so i was back in nebraska the last few days participating in a wedding and seeing family and friends (as that i am an only child and from a very small family, i just consider them all to be family)

as i lay awake the night before one of my best friend's weddings, i really was awe-struck by how incredible of a woman she is. e has had some great times and some not so great times. she is currently working, attending school (where she is changing programs), and taking care of her 1.5 yr old. she is kind, smart, funny and seems to have an unlimited reserve of patience.

she is one of my oldest friends, we've been besties since 8th grade (i wont count years). she is one of those friends that you don't worry about sucking in your gut around, that you let borrow a cd for a week and it turns into an entire summer (back when you had cds instead of the mp3 file) and just laugh when she finally gives it up, who you can talk to pretty much nonstop but it's perfectly comfortable not talking too, who when you both get buried in life and don't talk for a year it isn't weird when you call.

she married a wonderful guy with a nice family. she deserves every drop of happiness that this new family can create. i'm so happy for them both and honored that i was asked to be part of their wedding.

btw, i am fully aware that this picture is poorly edited. i just really felt the urge to post this.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


see that little spot of red in the bottom left hand corner...that's my suitcase.
i kind of hate packing. im pretty good at it. but i despise it. unpacking is way worse though.

i'm headed back to NE for a friend's wedding. so i need the big bag to be able to bring an iron to steam the heck out of my dress after every inch of it has been wrinkled in the flight.

it'll be good to get home to see my family and friends. im really excited to be there for the bride too. now lets just hope that i dont do something stupid like i did for the bridal shower back in forget the dress. this one can't be replaced too swiftly.

so i guess i'll be pretty much checked out for the rest of the week as that i have a desktop computer.

btw, yes, that is a television at the bottom. i dont really watch tv.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

reading list.

besides my Wheel of Time series journey, i am also skimming through Craft, Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco. i'm liking this because it gives a step by step of really starting a business, and though a significant amount of luck is involved of finding people who like what you do, i needed some kind of outline.

what probably really sparked me the most to get serious about starting a photography business was reading this interview. in a nutshell, she started her own business of beauty photography of women. though that interests me to some degree, the concept of photographing women for boudoir sessions and what not doesn't really sound like my bag.

so i started thinking about what i photograph and when i'm having the most fun doing it. i thought about how when i got ferdinand, the first thing i did was whip out my camera. i also shoot shows for a music blog.  but i usually have to pry myself out of my apartment to get to a show, and it isn't until the band is about 3 songs in that i'm really into it. so though i enjoy it, it isn't what really fuels my fire.

next on my list will probably be this book by Kenn Oberrecht and Rosemary DeLucco-Alpert.

forward motion.

Monday, October 10, 2011


i've been complaining for the last few weeks that the weather has not been behaving like autumn, despite the official season change.

thursday morning while i was out with the dogs, i noticed leaves swirling on the ground in the breeze. then it got down to 40 degrees and i had to shut windows.

autumn has arrived!

here is a quick list of things i am looking forward to most with the coming of cooler weather and falling leaves:
  • nutella hot chocolate
  • the smell of clove and pumpkin spice
  • scarves
  • tights
  • wearing boots and not sweating to death
  • wearing fluffy socks to bed and not finding them on the floor in the morning
  • making ferdinand a coat!
also on thursday, i had the cutest experience with ginger:
i took her outside over lunch to a dog run behind my building. it was windy, and blowing the yellowing leaves out of the tree that reaches over the lot. these leaves are about nickel sized and ginger was just having a ball trying to catch them in midair and chasing them before they reached the ground. her tail was up and wagging vigorously and she had a huge "doggy smile" on her face.

ferdinand was just sitting next to me by the entrance being a hater. (this is why we're friends probably)

Friday, October 7, 2011


 i've decided that i am annoyingly honest.

yesterday, the power went out at my office. i texted my boss who was out to let her know and waited patiently for her response, even though i know it would be "go home."

15 minutes later, she calls. 30 seconds after the lights have come back on, even though the power company told us it would be a couple hours. of course, i blurt out "the lights just came back on."

then i turn on my computer. no internet, no connection to my network. i dont just make the assumption that since our ISP is down the street that they may still be rebooting. i call our IT volunteer to find out if he sees us on his remote connection to our server. he tells me to check the firewall and make sure it's come back up from the power outage. it hadn't.

all the while, i could have just gone home if i hadn't been such an honest person! i could have gone and hung out with my dogs! in sweats!

BUT NO. i'm annoyingly honest.

picture credit: Claire Hoover (Pinterest) to a Xanga blog that was locked (srry)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

who am i?

it is suggested that your first post be an introduction. "tell them who you are and what you'll be writing about." okay.
i'm a 24 yr old, left-handed nonprofit administrative assistant with a penchant for being behind a camera, behind a canvas, and just overall crafty.
i like to think i dress my body type well; considering that today's designers lack the skills to construct clothing for women.
seeing as that i type daily with perfect grammar and what not, i won't be doing much capitalization. giving my pinkies a break.

other random things about me:
  • i love cooking recipes from mom blogs though i have no family to feed. the dogs eat kibble.
  • i studied political science in college then decided i hated politics (whoops)
  • i read sci-fi books, currently on book 6 of the Wheel of Time series. 
  • im originally from a town of less than 2,000 and now live in Denver
what am i going to share with you?
in the the next 3 years i am hoping to start a pet and portrait photography business. i love wedding and couples photography too. so we'll see what actually comes out of all of this.
otherwise, i'll just be sharing photos here and there, and my overall snarky observations of life.

Photo credit: Priyanka Sharma, from a college photography class (girl, i still have your negatives...)