Monday, October 10, 2011


i've been complaining for the last few weeks that the weather has not been behaving like autumn, despite the official season change.

thursday morning while i was out with the dogs, i noticed leaves swirling on the ground in the breeze. then it got down to 40 degrees and i had to shut windows.

autumn has arrived!

here is a quick list of things i am looking forward to most with the coming of cooler weather and falling leaves:
  • nutella hot chocolate
  • the smell of clove and pumpkin spice
  • scarves
  • tights
  • wearing boots and not sweating to death
  • wearing fluffy socks to bed and not finding them on the floor in the morning
  • making ferdinand a coat!
also on thursday, i had the cutest experience with ginger:
i took her outside over lunch to a dog run behind my building. it was windy, and blowing the yellowing leaves out of the tree that reaches over the lot. these leaves are about nickel sized and ginger was just having a ball trying to catch them in midair and chasing them before they reached the ground. her tail was up and wagging vigorously and she had a huge "doggy smile" on her face.

ferdinand was just sitting next to me by the entrance being a hater. (this is why we're friends probably)

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