Friday, October 7, 2011


 i've decided that i am annoyingly honest.

yesterday, the power went out at my office. i texted my boss who was out to let her know and waited patiently for her response, even though i know it would be "go home."

15 minutes later, she calls. 30 seconds after the lights have come back on, even though the power company told us it would be a couple hours. of course, i blurt out "the lights just came back on."

then i turn on my computer. no internet, no connection to my network. i dont just make the assumption that since our ISP is down the street that they may still be rebooting. i call our IT volunteer to find out if he sees us on his remote connection to our server. he tells me to check the firewall and make sure it's come back up from the power outage. it hadn't.

all the while, i could have just gone home if i hadn't been such an honest person! i could have gone and hung out with my dogs! in sweats!

BUT NO. i'm annoyingly honest.

picture credit: Claire Hoover (Pinterest) to a Xanga blog that was locked (srry)

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