Saturday, October 15, 2011

miss klassen no more.

so i was back in nebraska the last few days participating in a wedding and seeing family and friends (as that i am an only child and from a very small family, i just consider them all to be family)

as i lay awake the night before one of my best friend's weddings, i really was awe-struck by how incredible of a woman she is. e has had some great times and some not so great times. she is currently working, attending school (where she is changing programs), and taking care of her 1.5 yr old. she is kind, smart, funny and seems to have an unlimited reserve of patience.

she is one of my oldest friends, we've been besties since 8th grade (i wont count years). she is one of those friends that you don't worry about sucking in your gut around, that you let borrow a cd for a week and it turns into an entire summer (back when you had cds instead of the mp3 file) and just laugh when she finally gives it up, who you can talk to pretty much nonstop but it's perfectly comfortable not talking too, who when you both get buried in life and don't talk for a year it isn't weird when you call.

she married a wonderful guy with a nice family. she deserves every drop of happiness that this new family can create. i'm so happy for them both and honored that i was asked to be part of their wedding.

btw, i am fully aware that this picture is poorly edited. i just really felt the urge to post this.

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