Wednesday, October 12, 2011


see that little spot of red in the bottom left hand corner...that's my suitcase.
i kind of hate packing. im pretty good at it. but i despise it. unpacking is way worse though.

i'm headed back to NE for a friend's wedding. so i need the big bag to be able to bring an iron to steam the heck out of my dress after every inch of it has been wrinkled in the flight.

it'll be good to get home to see my family and friends. im really excited to be there for the bride too. now lets just hope that i dont do something stupid like i did for the bridal shower back in forget the dress. this one can't be replaced too swiftly.

so i guess i'll be pretty much checked out for the rest of the week as that i have a desktop computer.

btw, yes, that is a television at the bottom. i dont really watch tv.

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