Tuesday, October 11, 2011

reading list.

besides my Wheel of Time series journey, i am also skimming through Craft, Inc. by Meg Mateo Ilasco. i'm liking this because it gives a step by step of really starting a business, and though a significant amount of luck is involved of finding people who like what you do, i needed some kind of outline.

what probably really sparked me the most to get serious about starting a photography business was reading this interview. in a nutshell, she started her own business of beauty photography of women. though that interests me to some degree, the concept of photographing women for boudoir sessions and what not doesn't really sound like my bag.

so i started thinking about what i photograph and when i'm having the most fun doing it. i thought about how when i got ferdinand, the first thing i did was whip out my camera. i also shoot shows for a music blog.  but i usually have to pry myself out of my apartment to get to a show, and it isn't until the band is about 3 songs in that i'm really into it. so though i enjoy it, it isn't what really fuels my fire.

next on my list will probably be this book by Kenn Oberrecht and Rosemary DeLucco-Alpert.

forward motion.

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