Friday, October 28, 2011

something new.

for anyone who has worked in a nonprofit, you know that the holiday season is a steam engine running you down busy.

over the next 2 months my office is having a food drive and basket distribution, holiday party, letter campaign, and..oh yeah, writing a strategic plan. guess who a lot of these work activities hinges on? this generally means i eat things that are not so super for me (dipping cheese cubes in chocolate fruit dip, anyone? burger king twice in one day? why not!) and that makes everything worse because my mind & body are trying to produce top notch work while i'm not treating them right. i've been having a trouble focusing anyway lately.

wednesday was the first snow in denver. which sucks because it was still the tail end of the color change on the trees and it pulled the leaves down. however, it has me thinking about how when winter rolls around, i put on a "winter coat". ladies, you all know what i mean. so i'm making some diet changes.

until at least Thanksgiving (or making a brief concession on that weekend) i am going to go pescetarian, eating only seafood for meat. i am also going to reduce my gluten/wheat intake.

this may be pretty difficult for a girl who was raised on meat and potatoes meals and a piece of buttered bread on the plate to mop up any leavings behind. but i have been living in denver for over two years now, and i've learned a thing or two about healthy diets (though enacted little of that information into my life.) and will probably be picking my ex-whole foods employee/celiac (and delightful) friend's brain a bit too.

i departed from my beef eating days with one last hurrah, a cheeseburger from five guys, then went to H Mart in aurora, it's the size of a walmart, but full of Asian goodies. i like to wander like a tourist with my mouth agape.

got a salmon plank big enough for two meals, some tiger shrimp and calamari rings. also some spaghetti squash to replace some of my pasta consumption. tofu, both firm and silken, to keep my protein intake up on non-fish days.

i also got fuji apples the bigger than a man's fist. i had one for breakfast/brunch this morning. mostly because it took me 45 minutes to eat it and i moved into the brunch time frame. 

i've gone over a month with only one instance of drinking soda. on to the next challenge, rt?

Photo credit: Kitschy Living and IamKoream

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  1. you are going to LOVE being gluten free, once you figure out how to replace your favorite meals with substitutes, rather than cutting it all out!