Monday, October 24, 2011

wiped out.

last week was exhausting. what with donor fairs, night meetings and a friend bumming up his knee i was just wiped out.

i am an introvert who can turn on the extrovert when needed. i can, in fact, be charming. however, it is like driving an old truck up a mountain against the wind. i run out of energy fast.

on saturday, i got a new (used) couch, which the dogs promptly ripped into two of the cushions of while i was returning the uhaul pickup. being angry exhausts me too.

so to say that i came to work today refreshed from my weekend would be a lie. i needed another day of doing nothing but pet the dogs and read.

good news: the little lady i mentor and i won the "best partnership theme"  (aka top prize) in the costume contest at the mentoring halloween party. a pirate and treasure.

off to writing reports, i have like 3 this week.

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