Tuesday, November 29, 2011


it isn't news that life comes with a bunch of distractions. i've felt particularly distracted this year. i have completed one painting all year. i've gotten distracted a handful of times completing these 4 sentences. (it took more than 5 days to complete this post)

the world today has a lot of noise. if you haven't been convinced that you're fat and need to go on a salad only diet yet, your cuticles suck and you need a manicure; if you don't have those cute boots (that are a whopping 15% off), you'll regret it. lose weight fast, make money fast, bag yourself a man by Christmas.

now i'm very guilty of being distracted from the important stuff (pretty sure that's called college). 2011 might have been a year of many distractions, but i also accomplished a pretty good amount of stuff. i worked hard, i got dogs and haven't messed that up yet, i paid all my bills on time, fulfilled my callings in church, i will have completed 3 of my New Years resolutions and gotten maybe a 50% on another (keeping your fingernails painted all the time is hard!)

i'm in the beginning stages of writing resolutions for next year. i think this year was the first time i've ever fulfilled resolutions. however, it's the first time i've ever kept them on the fridge too. i perhaps made them a little more measurable (good lesson in goal setting).

Photo: Knock Knock: Indigo actually looks like a really fun little goal journal. ($7.50)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

days off.

today has been a glorious day off thus far. i am thankful for days off. i laid in bed until 11. last week i worked more than usual and it weakened my immune system and i ended up sick over the weekend. so i am justifying my extra bed time as "letting my body fight this gunk"

then i got up, dinked on pinterest, made a lunch of hash browns and kielbasa. (ps i gave up on that pescetarian business, but i am still trying to cut back my gluten) pet the dogs, removed my nasty, chipped nail polish and loaded n started the dish washer.

it's a good day. hopefully the rest of this 5 day (yes, that's right, 5 day) weekend will be equally lovely.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Christmas list.

when i was a kid, i'd make a list for my birthday n Christmas. it was quite the production, i'd make drafts and then decorate the title line with crayons. then i'd go over it with my mom sitting in her living room chair while i stood reading it to her like a herald. finally, i'd put it in an (obviously decorated) envelope for safe keeping in her purse. 10 has always been the magic number for my lists.

in recent years, my mom and i have usually gone shopping for stuff i want/need, and then i have little stuff like a silver hammered heart necklace from my dad and books from my mom. last year was a little different, dad made me an easel. (have i ever mentioned how cool my family is?)

since i'm still dealing with my pre-Thanksgiving craving of Christmas (that i am still holding off with every ounce of self control i possess). I'll make a Christmas list on here.

1. little faceted studs in gunmetal by mikiandnora. The fake pearls my grandma gave me years and years ago are caput. the pearly finish is wearing off.

2. one trip grip. if you know me, you know that i don't grocery shop very often, but when i do, i try to plan ahead for at least 2 weeks. and i also don't like having to make a bunch of trips to carry stuff in. ba-da-bing, problem solved.

3. wellies. i love boots in general, but have been wanting a pair of these for a while. esp after going to a corn maze a few weeks ago in my suede winter boots and ending up with mud that needs to be brushed off. and let's be honest, can they be any cuter?

4. lacy slip. so, if you haven't figured it out yet, i'm LDS. we exercise modesty. however, this can be difficult with a world obsessed with skin. i have a handful of dresses that are totally adorable that i can't wear as often as i'd like because they're a little short.

5. storage bench. i have had a coffee table since 2007 that I painted myself in a pleasant sunburst pattern. however, as that i will be rearranging my apartment soon, i would like something that gives me more than a surface to eat my food on. like storage. and i love this color.

6. cups. so when i moved into my first apartment in June of 2007, my parents kindly purchased me some cool square drinking glasses. however, the walls of the glasses were very thin despite a thick, heavy bottom. at this point i only have 1 left of that original set. this leaves me with an adult swim cup from GA, a Chicago Architecture Museum cup, and little cups i made in ceramics in college.

7. canon eos rebel t3. i want a camera i can change the lenses on. and they make it in red, so why not?

 from here on out, things get a little more...abstract.
8. a road trip. next summer i want to take a full week off of work and drive. i live exactly 3.5 miles from work, as you can imagine this doesn't mean much driving for me (probably a good thing). and when i'm going home for holidays and what not, i'm in a hurry to be able to spend as much time with family as possible. in celebration of my living quarter of a century next summer, i want to:
rent a large SUV and fill it up with sleeping bags n pillows n snacks. i want to do a photo diary of it.
i want to drive from denver to the grand canyon, maybe swing by moab, to salt lake city, back across wyoming and home. i want to take my time.

9. energy. i want to do more in 2012. i want to pick up a 2nd volunteer position, maybe at the dumb friends league. i want to make strides toward getting a side business moving, such as building my portfolio and stuff. i want to start a scripture journal. i want to be a better doggy mama. i want to exercise more. etc, etc, etc (think the king and i)

10. to spend more time with my family (dogs included). since i've now been at my job for two years, i get 2 more days a year of vacation. hopefully i'll use this time wisely.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


so last night i went to a mentor training that might have been a game changer in regard to how i deal with people in general. there were three steps of how to make others feel important and learn to move toward solving their own problems.
one i had already learned, giving descriptive praise. instead of "great job" tell someone they did a very well on a specific task, why it was important, and how it will affect the future. such as: you did a great job of helping me distribute bags for the food drive today, that is the first step in making sure families less fortunate than ours have a good Thanksgiving.
next was asking permission before blurting out advice or similar experiences. "can i give you my advice/opinion?" or "i had a similar experience, would you like to hear about it?" instead of seeming like i'm trying to top you with my experience.

finally, the most mind blowing. get ready. "Behind every complaint is a commitment for something better." if you really listen to the things people complain about (beyond "im cold" and "im hungry") you can actually learn the things they are really committed to. if they complain about money and you investigate a little more it could be that they cannot afford ____, which conflicts with their commitment to _____. when you've figured out the commitment, you'll know because the person's face will brighten a little. and when you reinforce the importance of that commitment it will reinspire them to solve the problem they're complaining about.

perhaps i'll read this tomorrow and roll my eyes. perhaps you're rolling your eyes now, but im really feeling energized about this and cannot wait to enact it.

in other news, i am three books short of reaching my 2011 resolution of reading 15 books. any suggestions?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas craving.

for several days now i have been dying to watch love, actually. but i won't let myself because i have rules about skipping over thanksgiving (which is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful holidays).

this year, for some reason i am having a Christmas craving. i want to put up my tree, and figure out presents for family/friends. all of this year's presents will be handmade, courtesy of the denver police department.

this is unusual, i'm generally quite bah-humbug.

Photo credit: Small Bird Blog

Thursday, November 10, 2011


so after giving ferdinand his 6-month gotcha anniversary present of a stuffed cow and watching him rip off and eat the tail before i could catch him, i decided to go to target. and came home with a comfy pair of jeggings, some deodorant and a ticket.

"failure to stop" = $155 out of my pocket and 2 points added to my license. colorado has not treated my driving record well.

im really at about my last ounce of patience. i'll spare everyone the pity party and the rant that are brewing in my head. but just know that it is epic. chocolate and shooting people on halo reach for dinner tonight.

Photo credit: i'm waaaaay too grumpy for making links. found both on pinterest.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

to turkey or not to turkey.

so i am staying in denver for thanksgiving. i've been invited to 2 thanksgivings already, but i am considering just kinda jamming at home with the dogs to music that i like, making food that i like. hopefully sometime in the next 25 years i'll have someone to argue briskly discuss with about which family to visit for the holidays. but for now, why not just kinda do me?

is being alone on thanksgiving depressing? perhaps a little, but honestly, i like my alone time and get barely any. blame it on my only child-ness.

then the next question is, what do i make? perhaps one of those turkey breasts instead of a whole bird? or is that a cop out? mashed potatoes in gross quantities will be involved, i'm sure. i dont want to have to make food for the rest of that weekend, ideally. anyone else have ideas?

Photo credit: All Kids Network via Pinterest (Hollis Mutch)