Tuesday, November 29, 2011


it isn't news that life comes with a bunch of distractions. i've felt particularly distracted this year. i have completed one painting all year. i've gotten distracted a handful of times completing these 4 sentences. (it took more than 5 days to complete this post)

the world today has a lot of noise. if you haven't been convinced that you're fat and need to go on a salad only diet yet, your cuticles suck and you need a manicure; if you don't have those cute boots (that are a whopping 15% off), you'll regret it. lose weight fast, make money fast, bag yourself a man by Christmas.

now i'm very guilty of being distracted from the important stuff (pretty sure that's called college). 2011 might have been a year of many distractions, but i also accomplished a pretty good amount of stuff. i worked hard, i got dogs and haven't messed that up yet, i paid all my bills on time, fulfilled my callings in church, i will have completed 3 of my New Years resolutions and gotten maybe a 50% on another (keeping your fingernails painted all the time is hard!)

i'm in the beginning stages of writing resolutions for next year. i think this year was the first time i've ever fulfilled resolutions. however, it's the first time i've ever kept them on the fridge too. i perhaps made them a little more measurable (good lesson in goal setting).

Photo: Knock Knock: Indigo actually looks like a really fun little goal journal. ($7.50)

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