Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 in photos. pt 2

i finally decided to attend to my unfinished business.

july is a very difficult month for me in my job; this year was no exception. we had 2 events in 2 weeks. one was a fundraiser dinner at the melting pot, the other was our large golf tournament.
here are some pictures from the melting pot dinner, it was a lovely night of rain and we had the outdoor patio of course. but it was really fun none the less.
Miss Jean (on the right) from Just take it bird by bird... and her darling sister
my boss and stephanie mchugh from kool 105

i don't remember much of august, aside from the fact that it should have been called "anguish". i turned 24 and it spurred a mini quarter-life crisis. then i was called to be secretary in my ward's Relief Society presidency. i coordinated a bridal shower after only ever being to one before. oh and maria and i won the 3-legged race at the family picnic sponsored by Partners.

winner, winner... Target gift cards
i got back into the swing of things a little bit by september. i chopped my hair again at the end of august and got ombre highlights, thanks to my dear friend Kara. over labor day weekend i shot photos at the colorado balloon classic and went to the band of horses show. the show was much more fun than the classic. i learned a little bit about how not to treat volunteers. it was too windy in the morning to fly so i only have night glo pictures of the balloons.

band of horses:


random ferdi n ginger picture:

i shot the fruit bats at the end of the month. honestly, not anywhere near the top of my best shows of 2011 list. and i apparently could not get my act together for shooting this show...
the low anthem show at the very end of the month was actually very intimate and wonderful but i was too grumpy to notice, unfortunately. it even shows in my photos.
i shot to the damnwells, the head and the heart, it was my first time being a bridesmaid, and when i started this blog actually.
the damnwells show was actually at a bowling alley on south broadway. it took a while for me to get into it, but i found myself listening to their music quite a bit afterward. 
2 days later i got to shoot the best show i had been to in over a year. the head and the heart is amazing. i still sing "rivers and roads" in the shower.
then i got to be a bridesmaid! first time ever! woo! haha i was totally "that bridesmaid" who had a very prominent tattoo and wore boots under her dress. but i was so happy to be there with Elisha, none the less.
this photo courtesy of Lala Photography

with the beautiful bride and the hot blonde who was my locker mate all through jr high and hs.
with a large donation request mail campaign and a food drive, november takes a close second to july for roughest month work-wise. however, i got to shoot nathaniel rateliff, who is fantastic.
it was also my 6 month anniversary of having ferdinand!
it was a wild, visually appealing year. december was no exception, kicking off immediately with a work holiday party on the 1st (no photos, haha). i only shot one show, but it was an awesome collection of local artists joshua novak, danielle ate the sandwich, and ian cooke and it was a gorgeous setting at a comedy club might have been a church in its previous life. i'll let those pictures speak for themselves.
i've become obsessed with danielle ate the sandwich, especially "where the good ones go" it may or may not be the first song i listen to most mornings when i get to work
finally ian cooke and company produced a beautiful show that started with a single light, then became all the paper creatures lighting up from within, to nice lighting cues. and honestly what is cooler than a cello with a backup band? he even had 2 members of nathaniel rateliff's band there to join in on a song.
as a huge favor, my friend Kara cut my hair right before i left for Christmas! she took the time to make it look all pretty even though she knew i'd be just going home, so i figured i'd do something with this good hair evening and set up the tripod.

in closing, 2011 wasn't too bad of a year. i took a lot more pictures than i thought! i look forward to 2012!

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