Sunday, December 25, 2011

cool little things.

Merry Christmas, everyone! (yes, this is a scheduled post. i'm not blogging on Christmas)
i think i might make "cool little things" a weekly Sunday thing? seems like it'd be easy enough....

gravity dice. aren't they darling? handcrafted by french artist Suzy Lelievre.

ironwood maple soy wood wick candle. i prefer soy candles, because they burn cleaner and cooler and it seems that fragrance is usually mixed more thoroughly through them. this one has a wood wick, which, if you haven't had one, make a delightful crackling sound while they burn. and it smells like maple syrup. win, win, win.

1907 ring. made by Wintercheck Factory. based on a vintage ring, it swings apart and reveals a personal message. made in sterling silver, brass and 18k gold (white and yellow).

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