Monday, December 19, 2011


the day before i started my job, i found a pair of grey calvin klein heels at dsw for $20. score. i wore them a lot because they had traction and fit well. and i love grey.

and then, on my birthday this year, this happened:
darn dogs.

so i had seen glitter shoes, but the style of the shoe was usually of the stripper genre or they were a cute style but awful colors or they didn't fit. ho hum.
then i found this tutorial on A Pair & a Spare, via Pinterest. and thought, "heck, i have a great pair of shoes for this project..."

so i gathered my materials:

1. shoes- synthetics or cloth shoes work best i guess.
2. plastic cup- for mixing the glitter and glue together.
3. foam brush- because you know i'm not messing up a good brush for a diy project!
4. Martha Stewart glitter in Malachite- this stuff is great. it came in a little shaker that became instrumental later. also, it didn't seem to have static cling like a lot of glitters do. very nice.
5. mod podge outdoor- i figured since i'll be wearing these bad boys outside, prob should prep for it.
6. sanding block- i had one of these hanging around from some painting projects.
7. spray adhesive (not pictured because i need to get some before they leave the house)- to coat to prevent glitter moulting

then i went at it! first i sanded my shoes:

then i wiped them off with a damp wash cloth to get any dust from the sanding. then i mixed some glitter into my mod podge, but i suppose you could skip this step and just apply it straight to the shoes in a thin layer, then shake the glitter out on it and pat it on to stick.

 yay!!!! bah i cannot wait for them to dry to put them on. glittery goodness. :)

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