Tuesday, December 27, 2011

home for the holidays.

i have taken more naps in the last three days than i have in the last three months. i have dozed through movies. i have fallen asleep on top of the covers because my dogs keep me cozy warm.

i have watched more television than i have in the last six months. i love iron chef.

i had easy cheese, and mom gave some to the dogs.

the gift i gave my mom of a hot air balloon ride for her and i still has her in shock.

my car is all tuned up and ready to go for another six months or whenever i make it home next; thank you, dad!

i'll be going to see my longest best friend later today.

my parents love the dogs. i might have my dad won over to get mom an indoor dog. ginger is melting his heart.

my mom found a note my grandmother who has passed away wrote me in 1993 and put it in my stocking. it was even written around Christmas time.

painted my mom's fingernails sparkly red then painted mine to match.

having a wonderful time at home!

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