Wednesday, December 14, 2011

stuff i've loved in 2011.

2011, like all years, has come with it's frustrations. such as, you know how when you're 13ish you hypothesize how your life should look in 10 years. well i figured i'd be getting married or close to it when i was 23. turning 24 sucked because i was actually further from it than i had been when i was 18-21! obviously everything works the way it is supposed to and i've done stuff my little 13 year old heart could have never dreamed of.

5. Handmade Ryan Gosling Tumblr. a relatively recent find, probably the funniest thing ever. if you follow me on Pinterest, you know i have a slight obsession with him. add text about diy and I fall to pieces.

4. Cooking. it seems i've finally stepped out of my mother's shadow. my mom is a fantastic cook, therefore, i just stayed out of her way in the kitchen growing up. well now that i can't go home for a good meal whenever i want, and just can't stare another can of chef boyardee or frozen pizza in the face, i've started cooking on a pretty regular basis. i've found a perfect chicken enchilada recipe and can actually throw together a pretty good sauce for a chinese dish and know how to make sticky rice.

3. Swaager. one of my longest lady loves, Brianna, started a music website earlier this year with a few of her friends. here is the description from the site: "Swaager is a Denver-based music website dedicated to providing music fans with exclusive show reviews, photos and artist interviews. Swaager first launched in March 2011 and has since expanded to include locations in Austin, Miami and San Francisco."
why this is awesome to me (aside from the fact that it has really taken off and im proud of her!)? i do photography for some of the more mellow shows! here is my bio page.

2. Pinterest. i love this website. the end.

1. Ferdinand & Ginger. i got dogs in May and June. they've turned into my pseudo-kids what with vet visits, presents and buying all the gear that goes with dog ownership. they've also inspired me to pursue a pet photography side project.

btw, i've really enjoyed seeing how many people actually read this blog. so i'm thankful for you all giving me a little ego boost!

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  1. lol Ryan Gosling = amazing! I gotta peep his handmade tumblr.