Monday, January 30, 2012

book worm.

so one of my resolutions is its way, i've completed two shoots already this year. and will be doing another in the next month. eeee! now i want to start on another resolution. so here the classic books (perhaps classic should be used loosely) i currently have in my possession:

any votes?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

cool little things.

techie stuff this week.

bikn. (pronounced "beacon") helps you find stuff! you can have up to 8 of those little clip things to be able to find stuff like your keys, pets, etc. my internal debate on whether to get an iphone continues.     

cable turtle. made from durable rubber, it hides the extra cable. i wouldn't mind about 40 of these guys for my desktop computer (yes i know i'm behind), television with xbox and kinect, and for my ipod headphones.

tape dock. and the iphone debate continues. this will take your tapes and make them mp3s. anyone remember tapes? the only ones i really recall having were chumbawamba, paula cole, and listening to manheim steamroller Christmas music on Christmas morning waking up.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

nichelle & zoey.

though zoey seemed completely comfortable with my presence, she did not want to look at the camera! this, of course, made nichelle's and my sides hurt from laughing as i was trying to make every sound imaginable to capture this little lady's attention for even a second. "yo" was pretty effective at first.
the epitome of "princess" (as embroidered onto her collar), she wanted no part of my reflectors and really preferred to stay in nichelle's lap over anything else.
regardless of the attitude of the talent, i had a great time with nichelle before her big move and i'm pretty happy with the result of last saturday.
nichelle's laugh is my favorite!
this is a classic zoey look.
action shot!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

cool little things. doggie edition.

i have dogs. obvs. i love finding (not necessarily always buying) cool stuff for them.

dinosaur nylabone. yay dinosaurs (rawr). available at petco. and a brontosaurus & stegosaurus are available at another site, but it is a lottery system so you will end up with one of the 3.

fetch stick treat holder. apparently it's pretty good for little stuff like broken milk bones. neither of my dogs have the fetch instinct. ferdinand just likes to run with dogs who like to fetch.

wildebeest xx bandana collar. for your out of date (or ironic) hipster puppy.

bow tie collar. this is a great little etsy shop that has all kinds of colors and patterns for bow ties. i will be getting one for ferdi.

garden in a bag. barley grass that you can just pick off a few pieces here n there and give them to your dog.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

marissa & hurley.

last week i moved one step closer to my goal of shooting a friend with a pet a month. hurley is a little trooper, and so is marissa (there is snow on the ground and she was running around in a flannel shirt). j and her sister deanna added a little comedic relief to the adventure.
i realize this is pretty black and white heavy, but those just turned out better.
onto the pictures:

the windblown look.

i missed a kiss right before this.
"go night night!....not like that!!"
i feel like he looks sort of like a little werewolf in this picture.
i love this look.
just for fun, it seemed like genius last night at midnight.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

cool little things.

random collection of stuff today.

dip clip. gen-ius. dishwasher safe, set of four for $8. more room for your dipping goody selections on the plate.

pin clock. i always wanted one of those toys as a kid that you could stick your face, hand or other item in and see the impression on the other side. this is really cool.

magnetic putty. this stuff is crazy! watch the video, i dare you. it isn't particularly useful, but it'd be fun to play with!

Friday, January 13, 2012


decided that the dogs need a bath probably twice a year. then just kinda wiped down and brushed the rest of the time.
so we decided to give the dogs their 2012 bath, episode one. i had $5 of petco rewards burning a hole in my pocket, so we ran over and got a bath mitt that i had been dogmama lusting after for a few months. and a tennis ball from the impulse section.  might i just say that i think 18+ hours spent on the NE roadtrip hooked up to the zipline in the back seat might have trained them to stay in the back!

play by play:
ginger is not sold on this concept.

jk! ginger enjoys bathtime. ferdi thinks she's crazy.
then she was trying to stand up before the plane had taxied to the gate.
mom, your flash is really bright.
feeling violated.
towels won't fix this feeling inside.

then i made some amazing peach cobbler.
the end.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 resolutions.

so i figured i would skip the January 1 rush that peters out over the first 10 days of the year. now i'll start, haha

my resolutions are categorized.

read 5 classic books. i bought 6 in october, i'm giving myself room to be like "forget that." to one of them.

start a topical scripture binder. ala this.

be more polished and girly. i would probably define myself as quite rough around the edges with this one as that i am still yet to make it to work with makeup on in 2012. (side note, i have added owning a pair of Christian Louboutin heels to my 5 year goal list.)

i will be joining Hollyanne & Kevin in their 52 photographs challenge. as i looked through my pictures from last year, i see a photographic voice emerging; i want to foster it by more consistently spending time with my camera.

i hope to complete 2 paintings this year. i have a couple ideas that have been stewing.  and usually my ideas that stew for months end up selling.

i want to shoot a friend with their pet(s) once a month. i think i will be able to catch 2 this month. (fingers crossed) i need to build a portfolio. so if you're reading this, you're my friend (who has a pet) and live in the denver area (or can make some time when i'm back in NE) contact me. i'm open to most pets, preferably no spiders or snakes though (if it is one of those it will be just the pet, not you interacting with it because i'm not sure i could stand it)

oh boy, here comes the cliche. i want to find myself back in the healthy weight bracket by summer. i wont give numbers, but i actually already started working on this in early december. my "workout motivation." Pinterest board has kind of blown up. here's a curveball though, i will be discontinuing my gym membership this month. (woohoo $26/month for something i'll actually use)

Monday, January 9, 2012

2011 in photos. pt 2

i finally decided to attend to my unfinished business.

july is a very difficult month for me in my job; this year was no exception. we had 2 events in 2 weeks. one was a fundraiser dinner at the melting pot, the other was our large golf tournament.
here are some pictures from the melting pot dinner, it was a lovely night of rain and we had the outdoor patio of course. but it was really fun none the less.
Miss Jean (on the right) from Just take it bird by bird... and her darling sister
my boss and stephanie mchugh from kool 105

i don't remember much of august, aside from the fact that it should have been called "anguish". i turned 24 and it spurred a mini quarter-life crisis. then i was called to be secretary in my ward's Relief Society presidency. i coordinated a bridal shower after only ever being to one before. oh and maria and i won the 3-legged race at the family picnic sponsored by Partners.

winner, winner... Target gift cards
i got back into the swing of things a little bit by september. i chopped my hair again at the end of august and got ombre highlights, thanks to my dear friend Kara. over labor day weekend i shot photos at the colorado balloon classic and went to the band of horses show. the show was much more fun than the classic. i learned a little bit about how not to treat volunteers. it was too windy in the morning to fly so i only have night glo pictures of the balloons.

band of horses:


random ferdi n ginger picture:

i shot the fruit bats at the end of the month. honestly, not anywhere near the top of my best shows of 2011 list. and i apparently could not get my act together for shooting this show...
the low anthem show at the very end of the month was actually very intimate and wonderful but i was too grumpy to notice, unfortunately. it even shows in my photos.
i shot to the damnwells, the head and the heart, it was my first time being a bridesmaid, and when i started this blog actually.
the damnwells show was actually at a bowling alley on south broadway. it took a while for me to get into it, but i found myself listening to their music quite a bit afterward. 
2 days later i got to shoot the best show i had been to in over a year. the head and the heart is amazing. i still sing "rivers and roads" in the shower.
then i got to be a bridesmaid! first time ever! woo! haha i was totally "that bridesmaid" who had a very prominent tattoo and wore boots under her dress. but i was so happy to be there with Elisha, none the less.
this photo courtesy of Lala Photography

with the beautiful bride and the hot blonde who was my locker mate all through jr high and hs.
with a large donation request mail campaign and a food drive, november takes a close second to july for roughest month work-wise. however, i got to shoot nathaniel rateliff, who is fantastic.
it was also my 6 month anniversary of having ferdinand!
it was a wild, visually appealing year. december was no exception, kicking off immediately with a work holiday party on the 1st (no photos, haha). i only shot one show, but it was an awesome collection of local artists joshua novak, danielle ate the sandwich, and ian cooke and it was a gorgeous setting at a comedy club might have been a church in its previous life. i'll let those pictures speak for themselves.
i've become obsessed with danielle ate the sandwich, especially "where the good ones go" it may or may not be the first song i listen to most mornings when i get to work
finally ian cooke and company produced a beautiful show that started with a single light, then became all the paper creatures lighting up from within, to nice lighting cues. and honestly what is cooler than a cello with a backup band? he even had 2 members of nathaniel rateliff's band there to join in on a song.
as a huge favor, my friend Kara cut my hair right before i left for Christmas! she took the time to make it look all pretty even though she knew i'd be just going home, so i figured i'd do something with this good hair evening and set up the tripod.

in closing, 2011 wasn't too bad of a year. i took a lot more pictures than i thought! i look forward to 2012!