Friday, January 13, 2012


decided that the dogs need a bath probably twice a year. then just kinda wiped down and brushed the rest of the time.
so we decided to give the dogs their 2012 bath, episode one. i had $5 of petco rewards burning a hole in my pocket, so we ran over and got a bath mitt that i had been dogmama lusting after for a few months. and a tennis ball from the impulse section.  might i just say that i think 18+ hours spent on the NE roadtrip hooked up to the zipline in the back seat might have trained them to stay in the back!

play by play:
ginger is not sold on this concept.

jk! ginger enjoys bathtime. ferdi thinks she's crazy.
then she was trying to stand up before the plane had taxied to the gate.
mom, your flash is really bright.
feeling violated.
towels won't fix this feeling inside.

then i made some amazing peach cobbler.
the end.

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  1. I love Ferdinand. I would like a "Ferdinand picture of the day" calendar.