Sunday, January 22, 2012

cool little things. doggie edition.

i have dogs. obvs. i love finding (not necessarily always buying) cool stuff for them.

dinosaur nylabone. yay dinosaurs (rawr). available at petco. and a brontosaurus & stegosaurus are available at another site, but it is a lottery system so you will end up with one of the 3.

fetch stick treat holder. apparently it's pretty good for little stuff like broken milk bones. neither of my dogs have the fetch instinct. ferdinand just likes to run with dogs who like to fetch.

wildebeest xx bandana collar. for your out of date (or ironic) hipster puppy.

bow tie collar. this is a great little etsy shop that has all kinds of colors and patterns for bow ties. i will be getting one for ferdi.

garden in a bag. barley grass that you can just pick off a few pieces here n there and give them to your dog.

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