Thursday, January 26, 2012

nichelle & zoey.

though zoey seemed completely comfortable with my presence, she did not want to look at the camera! this, of course, made nichelle's and my sides hurt from laughing as i was trying to make every sound imaginable to capture this little lady's attention for even a second. "yo" was pretty effective at first.
the epitome of "princess" (as embroidered onto her collar), she wanted no part of my reflectors and really preferred to stay in nichelle's lap over anything else.
regardless of the attitude of the talent, i had a great time with nichelle before her big move and i'm pretty happy with the result of last saturday.
nichelle's laugh is my favorite!
this is a classic zoey look.
action shot!

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  1. Ah! Love these pictures! And I would have to agree, the one of Nichelle laughing is so priceless! Most excellent job Val!