Monday, February 13, 2012

cool little things.

tutorials this week. :)

corn husk flowers tutorial by crissy's craft. lately, my inner nebraskan has been trying to surface. i play a little by saying "crick" occasionally instead of "creek" and working in hard R's into words that don't have R's in the first place. so this should be of interest to my friends back home who have access to cornfields.

neverending vanilla extract by the hungry mouse. in the future (probably far off future) i'd like to try and make as much as i can for my family, be it canning stuff from the garden, baking bread, grinding spices so they're fresh. i think this vanilla could be really fun.

homemade gummy fruit snacks by all day i dream about food. i freaking love fruit snacks. growing up i ate so much fruit by the foot and roll ups i wonder if at some point the effects will be realized and i'll suddenly have a third arm or something. however, these are made with things that i can pronounce! (mixed berries, water, apple sauce, fruit juice and gelatin)

all these ideas and more can be found on my i love making things. board on Pinterest. you can access all tutorials by clicking the corresponding link or picture.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

coming up.

i've been struggling for the last few days trying to figure out what to write here. last week, i needed to focus on collecting information and quotes for my lesson in relief society on sunday. so that was why i went pretty well silent.
i guess i can talk about some pretty exciting things happening in the near future. i will be going to GA at the end of the month to see my grandpa and aunt's family. i haven't been there since 2007.
apparently we're a family that likes a good pattern...
i am excited to spend time with them all and eat some fantastic food (plug for my aunt's cooking), but oddly one of the things i may be most excited about is going to the aquarium. i have already told my cousin to expect it haha. when i was last there, i didn't know my aperture from my wrist strap when it came to cameras and photography. i hope to also get some good quality portraits of my family.

then later in march i have one of my best friends visiting me from omaha! woo! im ready for some pedicure action and letting her relax from her unceasingly busy life (school, work, baby, husband)

i have a lot to look forward to!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

cool little things.

this week i went with a jewelry theme. rawr.

origami triceratops necklace. oddly enough, this is only on the european anthropologie site. not that i struggle to find things that i like from anthropologie at all.

like a dream ring. wonderfully abstract with plenty of synthetic sparkle. and handmade, always a plus in my book.

twiggy open bangle in rose gold vermeil. i love rose gold, i've never been sold on pink or gold by themselves, but a pink gold has me hook line and sinker. if i ever get to the point of marriage, i think i want a rose gold band. anyway. i love natural world inspired jewelry to a point. this is perfectly organic looking.

note how i skipped earrings. i am rather disillusioned with earrings as of late. these ones ended up being somewhat disappointing, they were too heavy and had a really short post. i actually woke up with my earlobes asleep the first night i wore them (i didn't really intend to sleep in them..i was just exhausted)