Monday, February 13, 2012

cool little things.

tutorials this week. :)

corn husk flowers tutorial by crissy's craft. lately, my inner nebraskan has been trying to surface. i play a little by saying "crick" occasionally instead of "creek" and working in hard R's into words that don't have R's in the first place. so this should be of interest to my friends back home who have access to cornfields.

neverending vanilla extract by the hungry mouse. in the future (probably far off future) i'd like to try and make as much as i can for my family, be it canning stuff from the garden, baking bread, grinding spices so they're fresh. i think this vanilla could be really fun.

homemade gummy fruit snacks by all day i dream about food. i freaking love fruit snacks. growing up i ate so much fruit by the foot and roll ups i wonder if at some point the effects will be realized and i'll suddenly have a third arm or something. however, these are made with things that i can pronounce! (mixed berries, water, apple sauce, fruit juice and gelatin)

all these ideas and more can be found on my i love making things. board on Pinterest. you can access all tutorials by clicking the corresponding link or picture.


  1. I guess we just missed it but costco has THE best deals on vanilla beans during the holidays. You can get like 20 of them for maybe $12? I usually stock up but didn't this year :(