Monday, April 23, 2012

nail biter.

i have chewed on my fingernails for as long as i can remember. my grandmother always threatened to put some sour stuff from her 2nd husband's pipe on my fingers if i didn't quit. thankfully she did not follow through on that.
for a good month i actually had nails. it was exciting. then last week and the week before just messed that all up. between rejection and having to be charming for volunteer fairs, which does not come naturally for me, i chewed them all away.
it's so bad, i thought that i still had a pinky nail left and looked down to realize that i don't. ugh subconscious behaviors.

in other news:
it takes me an hour every morning to struggle through my oatmeal.
i burnt myself making an omelet 2 weeks ago, there is still an inflamed scab. i wish i healed like a normal person.
i've been pretty anti-blog lately because i've been trying to stick to jamie eason's livefit 12 week trainer (starting week 4 today), reading a book for church, writing letters daily to j....oh, and i'm tired.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

resolutions check in.

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most people let their resolutions go by january 15th. not me! let's see if i can remember to check in quarterly. my comments this time around are in lighter green.

read 5 classic books. i bought 6 in october, i'm giving myself room to be like "forget that." to one of them.
i got through most of Aesop's Fables on the plane to and from Atlanta. .75/5

start a topical scripture binder. ala this.
5% i have a binder.

be more polished and girly. i would probably define myself as quite rough around the edges with this one as that i am still yet to make it to work with makeup on in 2012. (side note, i have added owning a pair of Christian Louboutin heels to my 5 year goal list.)
20%, i wear makeup occasionally, but overall, i am picking daily outfits with a little more thought.

i will be joining Hollyanne & Kevin in their 52 photographs challenge. as i looked through my pictures from last year, i see a photographic voice emerging; i want to foster it by more consistently spending time with my camera.
0% this probably won't change.

i hope to complete 2 paintings this year. i have a couple ideas that have been stewing.  and usually my ideas that stew for months end up selling.
0% progress. things are still stewing.

i want to shoot a friend with their pet(s) once a month. i think i will be able to catch 2 this month. (fingers crossed) i need to build a portfolio. so if you're reading this, you're my friend (who has a pet) and live in the denver area (or can make some time when i'm back in NE) contact me. i'm open to most pets, preferably no spiders or snakes though (if it is one of those it will be just the pet, not you interacting with it because i'm not sure i could stand it)
2/3, nichelle & marissa stepped up, i need more friends with pets. haha some might argue that i need more friends in general, but that's for another day.

oh boy, here comes the cliche. i want to find myself back in the healthy weight bracket by summer. i wont give numbers, but i actually already started working on this in early december. my "workout motivation." Pinterest board has kind of blown up. here's a curveball though, i will be discontinuing my gym membership this month. (woohoo $26/month for something i'll actually use)
25%, since my friend's wedding, i have lost a bald eagle. i still go to the gym though, i started going when j was preparing for basic training. it has been kind of spotty, as that my life has kinda imploded this quarter, but whatever. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

cool little things.

i've been on a healthy eating/cooking kick lately. so it is a kitchen gadget edition.

sombrero bottle juicer from umbra. lately, i've been halving a lemon and taking one half with me to work to keep in my mug all day, then squeezing the other half over salads or just to take the next day to work. if i didn't have metal bottles for my workouts i'd use this!

grate and measure. though i am laying off the cheese a little bit vs. my past, i think this could still be helpful for other things you grate.

thermospatula. i don't think i've ever successfully melted chocolate. and i plan to try my hand at canning later this year. might invest in this, and it is non-scratch for all you folks who got cookware for your weddings that are too sensitive for a metal spoon.