Sunday, April 1, 2012

cool little things.

i've been on a healthy eating/cooking kick lately. so it is a kitchen gadget edition.

sombrero bottle juicer from umbra. lately, i've been halving a lemon and taking one half with me to work to keep in my mug all day, then squeezing the other half over salads or just to take the next day to work. if i didn't have metal bottles for my workouts i'd use this!

grate and measure. though i am laying off the cheese a little bit vs. my past, i think this could still be helpful for other things you grate.

thermospatula. i don't think i've ever successfully melted chocolate. and i plan to try my hand at canning later this year. might invest in this, and it is non-scratch for all you folks who got cookware for your weddings that are too sensitive for a metal spoon.

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