Monday, April 23, 2012

nail biter.

i have chewed on my fingernails for as long as i can remember. my grandmother always threatened to put some sour stuff from her 2nd husband's pipe on my fingers if i didn't quit. thankfully she did not follow through on that.
for a good month i actually had nails. it was exciting. then last week and the week before just messed that all up. between rejection and having to be charming for volunteer fairs, which does not come naturally for me, i chewed them all away.
it's so bad, i thought that i still had a pinky nail left and looked down to realize that i don't. ugh subconscious behaviors.

in other news:
it takes me an hour every morning to struggle through my oatmeal.
i burnt myself making an omelet 2 weeks ago, there is still an inflamed scab. i wish i healed like a normal person.
i've been pretty anti-blog lately because i've been trying to stick to jamie eason's livefit 12 week trainer (starting week 4 today), reading a book for church, writing letters daily to j....oh, and i'm tired.


  1. You should look up some recipes for "overnight oats." They're no cook, fun flavored, and easy to eat while driving if needed :)

  2. Another solution is having only coffee as I do, mother never let me enter in the kitchen (italians moms are very scary). I still don't know why I'm able to use a caffettiera.