Thursday, May 10, 2012

ferdinand eugene: a joyful first year.

today marks one year of unabridged joy, brought to me by a saucy little man.

before coming to us, ferdinand was found wandering the streets. we saw him the first time we went to the shelter, but he was on hold as a lost dog. j fell in love at first sight. we visited him at the furry scurry, the shelter's annual fundraiser. there, he was really distracted as that there were probably 10,000 other dogs to look at and people everywhere.
the day i adopted ferdi is probably one i would list in the top ten of most stressful days of my life, as that it involved calling lawyers.
on may 10, 2011, he came to j and me at 18 lbs with kennel cough and allergies out the wazoo for us to learn about. training bulldogs in general is challenging as well. but his cute personality and sweet disposition kept us placated when we came home to destroyed xbox controllers and tv remotes, messes on the floor, and, my personal favorite, when he ripped the baseboard molding off the wall in the bathroom.

the day i adopted him, i could not get my act together photographically, sorry. 

within one month, after a round of antibiotics to get rid of the kennel cough, ferdi's personality started shining through. the shaved spot on his front leg was from when he was neutered and seriously took 4 months to grow back.

if i were to brand ferdinand as a company, this would be the go-to photo. all sass. i call this his "snaggle dentures" look.

then, after playing, and playing......and playing. and some whining on his part. we got him a partner in crime.

this is a photo i took of him in the early hours of the morning before going to the colorado hot air balloon classic. i still have this as the first picture on my camera card. it makes me smile every time.

while packing for my friend's wedding in october. the dogs were obviously worried. so i set up an impromptu photo shoot. here is a progression of noises i had to make the picture i wanted.
snapping my fingers above my head and smacking my lips.
rolling my tongue ala "arriba!" and making spirit fingers above my head.

in november, he reached his 6 month anniversary.

at grandma and grandpa's. my mom asks about f & g every day we talk. they are her grandpuppies

here is my favorite picture of him from bathtime earlier this year. 

they say the longer you're a couple, the more you act like each other. apparently this is true for roommates too. (look at their positioning)

then i decided to paint a portrait of him, based off that picture that would be his copyright.
btw, we're offering a reward of peanut butter and sneezes in the face of anyone who knows the whereabouts of the brontosaurus pictured.
here is the finished painting.
then i got a new camera...and went a little insane.

"doggie woggie park" trip!
yes, they stick their heads out the window a lot.

and finally today. one year later. weighing in at 26 lbs and in perfect health. he (and ginger) went to doggie daycare today because i had a nonprofit branding seminar all day. and i know they love the interaction.

head shot.

he is intelligent, sensitive, a good listener, superior cuddler, and makes me happy every single day. what more could i ask for in a best friend?

Happy Anniversary, Ferdinand Eugene!

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