Tuesday, May 29, 2012

little things i can't let go.

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 you know how some things never change? like how mcdonald's beef always sucks and you always judge people you catch listening to nickelback.

well there are a handful of things that i have been really consistent on since i was roughly 15.

6. i feel more put together when i have makeup on. prettier? no. better? no. just more put together, like im not a kid doing what i think i should be doing to be an adult. do i make it to work very often with makeup on? no. sleep wins 9/10.

5. i don't like butterflies on clothing or accessories. i went through that phase. you know the phase. with the butterfly hair clips, even the special ones with the glittery wings attached with springs so they waved a little when you moved your head. i had a couple shirts with butterflies on them. blah blah.
well, something snapped when i became a teeny bopper. i threw out all things butterfly and scoffed at accessories and clothing with them. and i still do. it's like a compulsion, because i really like this dress, but i cannot get around the butterflies.

4. i'm fine with being described as "surly" occasionally. one of my best friends called me this in college. and i realized it pretty well fits, and has for some time (have you seen my kindergarten photo?). synonyms include: blunt, cantankerous (my favorite), harsh, ornery, uncivil. while i am generally approachable and friendly, though quiet; if pressured or offended, my stoney face appears, my rather extensive crude vocabulary may make a showing, and the situation more often than not results in what i find to be reasonable. surly.

3. i will love canned ravioli til the day i die. i used to eat it cold out of the can. can't do that anymore, but i still love the simplicity of opening up a can of processed pasta and meat sauce and heating it up. is it good for my body? no. is it good for my soul? yessss.

2. if you see me wearing flip flops and i'm not in a bathing suit, slap me. i'm probably sleepwalking. i wouldn't wear them in public otherwise -- even on the worst day of my life; unless that day involved someone burning all the rest of my shoes and then i would consider barefooted-ness long and hard first. not that it'd matter, i'd probably be charged with murdering whoever set my shoes on fire.

1. i love a song...i love a song...i can't freaking stand that song anymore. beach boys, billy joel, and damien jurado are the first three that come to mind. i love 'em til i don't. then they find their way to my computer's circular file or at least a dark corner. i'm consistent in my inconsistency. however, if a group can stand up to the test of time (good old war, iron & wine..etc) or at least not get played too much so that i burn out, it'll probably be a favorite forever.

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