Sunday, May 6, 2012

gym tunes.

Photo credit: Caesar's Way
my newest 1st world complaint, coming your way.

so i've recently started going to the gym again. and if you know me at all, you know that my life basically has a soundtrack; i listen to music nearly all of my waking hours (car, work, car, on the computer at home, in the bathtub, laying in bed) now add "while working out" to that list. again, if you know me at all, you know i'm picky about some things. music nears the top of that list along with shoes and food.

lists i've found online of "great workout playlists" have largely been crap. don't waste your time listening to the "fitness & workout" section of iTunes store. it made me want to beat my head on the desk.

i am looking for songs that pretty much make me feel like a bada$$. hard rock like disturbed usually goes a little too far or the bpm is too slow, r&b/hip hop annoys me with the apparent inability to pronounce regular words correctly, techno oftentimes isn't gritty enough.... and i kind of like music that celebrates being a strong woman (but kelly clarkson music makes me want to light my hair on fire).

am i asking too much? probably.

here's a taste of my current lifting/workout list:
boys wanna be her - peaches
pacha on acid - afrojack
moombah - afrojack remix
we got the beat - go-go's
cowboy - kid rock (do NOT judge me)
natural's not in it - gang of four
i'm not okay - my chemical romance
the truth - seether
run the world (girls) - beyonce

ok, friends and neighbors, help me out here. if i listen to this music much more i might throw a dumbbell at the next meat head i notice "glancing" at me. (has anyone else ever noticed that people do a lot of glancing when they should be lifting?)


  1. Have you ever tried Indie Soup Runner's podcasts? It's not flawless, but they have a lot of good badass music of bands that are up your alley and it comes with speed recommendations (songs for warm-ups, running, cool-downs).

  2. FYI, I need you to burn me a work out mix. Your suggestions are always hard to find. When I tried to find that Peaches one I got some sketchy results. My favorite song to run to right now is "Too Close" by Alex Clare, which is unfortunately on the radio now. I try to listen to stuff when I work out that I probably wouldn't otherwise.. like Call Me Maybe.. ha. I love anything Taking Back Sunday, and a little Brand New. Jimmy Eat World. Anberlin (and the Anberlin station on Pandora). Eminem. The Jay Z Linking Park collaboration is awesome. Fabolous "You Be Killin Em." When I race I always put in an oldie like NYSNC or Spice Girls because when I hear it, it makes me laugh and pumps me up :)