Saturday, July 21, 2012

summer to do list.

this summer is tricky for me. last year, i couldn't have cared less what was going on every weekend. i wasn't looking for fun stuff to do. i wasn't interested.
this summer, while my person is away. i keep spying things that would be SO FUN for j and i to do, but remember he's gone. i could (and will) ask friends here to go with me, but sometimes it doesn't really translate correctly to anyone but him and me.
to say that i hardly check facebook over the weekend because all the updates about "date night" turn me a kermit shade of green would be an understatement. 
so when i saw one of my favorite blogger's summer to do list a few weeks ago, i got excited. then as i started thinking of the traditional summer things and who i want to do them with, i felt discouraged. so here is a list of things that some i'll call friends, others i can do on my own, others i can do while mentoring. and as that summer is half over, i need to get on it and stop being mopey.

1. did this the other night coming home from the grocery store. i think this can only be an evening activity. i don't dig 100+ breeze to the face, and im surely not sticking my hand out in it.
2. two weekends in a row, i've said i'm going to do this, two weekends in a row i've felt like trash on saturday morning. black raspberry season is nearly up! i need to get on it.
3. i started one a long time ago. i have been digging through my brain to try and remember where i put the stuff! i also kind of want to make a small lap blanket for j.
4. i love key lime pie. specifically, i love whole foods' key lime pie. it is delicious! i haven't had any key lime pie yet this summer and i find that pathetic.
5. i finished the painting of ferdinand earlier this year, now i should probably get on the portrait of ginger.
6. there is a 7-man rugby tournament on my birthday in glendale. sounds like fun.
7. since i reached my goal of getting to see j in june, i haven't been back to the gym! one would think i dont plan on seeing him again! every night i go home thinking i should get to the gym, and then i sit down. and dont really move.
8. i have told the young lady i mentor many times that we'll go to elitch gardens. and then when im planning what we do, i never think of it. her family got her a season pass so i only have to pay for myself to get in. it's silly that i haven't gone yet.