Thursday, August 30, 2012


Watching: I am slowly but surely making my way through grey's anatomy now.
Thinking about: how I wish I had jumped off the 20 ft jump tower at fantasy lake. I'm such a wienie, I climbed up there, stood there for like 10 minutes while J tread water below. ended up climbing down and jumping off the 8 ft again.
Anticipating: finally knowing something! J is going into selection. it will determine at least the next 6 months of life.   UPDATE:  Oh the joys of the military. Now he's been pushed to the Oct class. Another month and a half of uncertainty and skype.
Listening to: CCR. oldies are one of my favorites
Eating: oatmeal with vanilla protein powder and cinnamon. and an apple.
Drinking: tension tamer, per usual.
Working on: being more consistent with the blog. cleaning my apartment. wanting to work out.

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