Friday, August 17, 2012

date night.

tonight is the first night i've been in a good mood for probably a week. 
i have clean dishes that have been in my dishwasher for at least 10 days (i pick out forks as needed). and i have dirty dishes in the sink and on the counter. but not that many because i have been going strong on a steady diet of saltines, hard boiled eggs, chocolate cream pie, baby carrots and granola.
as i've said in other posts, i avoid facebook on friday and saturday nights so i dont have to hear the run down of "date night" and see all of the adorable instagram pictures of people having fun. i'm bitter, i'm dealing with that.
so tonight after watching an episode of grey's anatomy, i was fully planning on going to chipotle for a chicken burrito, brown rice, black beans with sour cream and cheese. but the dogs were being so stinkin' cute. the thought of actually cooking the chicken breasts in my fridge sent me into tremors; but leaving them wasn't an option, and i refuse to leave the dogs in the car unless i have sightline to them. because i have to leave the windows down but ferdi is one of the "it" dogs of the moment and i'm not losing my little boy to ugly, greedy people.
so i started asking ginger "chipotle or qdoba?" when she seemed more excited about qdoba, i started asking "burger king?" and she went nuts. like mother, like daughter. 
so i threw on my boyfriend's grey, ymca staff "youth developer" shirt, comfy jeans, and my new minimalist sneakers. got the dogs leashed up and called my parents to tell them about how cute the dogs were being. because the person i tell everything to is being brainwashed to not rely on me (read: bitter).
talked to my dad on the way to burger king. then ordered my usual (double cheeseburger meal with a dr. pepper) and got a plain hamburger. 
on the drive home i left my window down and blared Mayer Hawthorne on 93.7 KBCO Boulder. 
when we got home, i sliced the plain hamburger in half because this home is all about fairsies. and then i grabbed my camera.

yes, that is chocolat and star wars, episode I: the phantom menace in the background.

after my dates finished their treat, i ate my dinner while watching another episode of grey's anatomy.
now we're going on a moonlit walk.
romantic, right?

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  1. Dogs make the BEST dates. Seriously...Hurley is the only man I need in my life. Treats me just fine :) Happy you enjoyed your date night!