Saturday, September 1, 2012

[1] my dogs aren't good hunters.

this sounds counter-intuitive. bear with me.

ginger will go bolting after anything small and fuzzy (except little dogs), cats, squirrels, rabbits..etc. this is a major pain and caused me to have to climb a 7-foot chain link fence earlier this week.
she usually loses whatever she is chasing within 2 seconds. i've also seen ferdinand chase a rabbit and fail hard. maybe it's like eye-foot coordination issues, some kind of attention disorder in them or it's like a dog chasing a car and they don't know what they'd do with a squirrel if they caught it so they don't actually try that hard.
but the reason i am thankful for this is that it means i am able to provide for them. they don't need to be good hunters. ginger can give me the guilts until i give her a tummy rub, then when i stop, guilt me into more. ferdinand is pretty much always within arm's reach.
their biggest concerns are waking me up at 6 am to go outside, and that i'm not going to leave them at doggie daycare for a couple days again. 
and for that, i'm thankful.
"you want to rub my tummy and give me treats..."
this is him laying under my chair as i write this.

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