Sunday, September 2, 2012

[2] relatable songs

for fear of sounding like a 13 year old girl nursing her newly broken heart listening to beiber & swift, i love songs that fit the moment in your life.

whether it's a line, or a whole song, or even just the tone of the song that works for the mood you're in. it's comforting for a couple reasons: the song is there, it isn't going anywhere, repeat it all you want; someone else has felt the same way, and they have the skills to write it into a song (hopefully a good song)
these are a few of my favorite relatable songs.

the line "my family lives in a different state" kills me every time. the rest of it is just beautiful.

she wrote this song about the summer after her grandfather passed away. i learned that a few weeks before my own grandfather passed and it was on repeat for months.

every. weekday. however, i have to wait til 5.30. love the girls in coveralls in this video, btw.

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