Saturday, September 22, 2012

[22] autumn!

My Fotolog

i always thought summer was my favorite season. perhaps it's the carefree sense of the hot months. less clothing, more sunlight, my birthday, etc.


i've come to the realization that autumn is actually my favorite. brick reds, mustard yellows, forest green, navy blue, grey, camel, black.....the colors are richer. (though neon and brights are all good in my book too) (yes i purposely skipped orange, because... bleep orange.)

i like scarves, boots, hats, overcast days, jackets but not full on coats. i like the rustle of leaves. the sun feels different and the breeze is cool. my music collection is definitely geared more toward fall and winter.

i can walk the dogs during the day without killing ferdinand in the heat.

i love apple cider, pumpkin pie, the smell of clove, cocoa...I LOVE SOUP!

thankful i live in a part of the world/country that has all 4 seasons.

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