Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[3] celebrating American values

Michael Luppino

i love labor day. i love memorial day. i love 4th of july. 'Merica!

i don't just love them because they are an extra day off, or extend the weekend. i love them because they celebrate something that has (perhaps in the past) made America great, a superpower. we all stand on the backs of the working people of America and rely on the military members to keep us safe.

those are things that deserve to be celebrated. i kind of despise those stupid ordained national holidays like national pizza day! national macadamia nut day (that's today, btw).

what exactly about macadamia nuts is worth celebrating? have they solved world hunger? no, they're one of the more expensive nuts. are they protecting, contributing, or encouraging moral progress? no, they're a nut. marking an important day in history? no. encour

tomorrow is "national be late for something day." really? women the world over should be nervous.

i'm glad that we have these holidays.

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