Tuesday, September 4, 2012

[4] that we don't need to stay at one job for our life.


most people who know me know i'm looking for a new job. i'm over it. (both my current job and job hunting)

i think back to when the market took a nosedive a few years ago and layoffs were happening internationally. in france people were killing themselves when they were laid off because the culture there (at least for the older generation) is you get a job after school and you work your way up. you stick with the company. their job became an integral piece of their identity that when it was taken away they had no coping mechanism.

thankfully, we don't operate that way in America. my generation especially. but even older groups are hopping on the bandwagon, corporate guys are quitting to start a microbrewery. they're not just going for a change but a reinvention. as much as i'd love to be ready for reinvention, i'm not. too much uncertainty in my life.

but for the change to be normal and for the opportunity, i'm thankful.

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