Wednesday, September 5, 2012

[5] media you can disappear into

fable III propaganda posters

despite my best efforts to clean and square myself away this weekend, i spent most of it on the couch watching grey's anatomy. say what you want about that show, it won't hurt my feelings. however, there is something to be said for any type of media that you can just throw yourself into and not think about you.

the things that come to mind for me (here comes my nerd self) are
  • movies: avatar, lord of the rings 
  • books: harry potter, hunger games
  • video games: assassin's creed, fable
  • tv series: law and order: svu, grey's anatomy (j would say the office, not me)
i guess the reason i love all these outlets is because i've never experienced anything like them (and i probably never will). who doesn't want to come home after a crappy day at work or a fight with the significant other and jump off cathedrals in italy? and not die? how about read about situations that characters are in that are WAY worse than yours? fighting an enormous spider trumps your boyfriend not taking the dishes out of the dishwasher.

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