Thursday, September 6, 2012

[6] that my people are understanding

by Shayna, via The Daily Frenchie

a few weeks back, i went to visit j. perhaps my favorite part of the trip was spending saturday morning/early afternoon in bed, watching tv and napping.

it's a quirk of mine. when i get around my parents after a long time apart, i usually take a long nap. i did the same thing when i visited j (it wasn't a long nap though). it probably has something to do with once i am around my people i can let the wall down. i don't need to be a strong, single doggy mom, living alone in a bigger city, supporting herself, paying off student loans and, overall, being a contributing member of society. someone else can keep an eye on the dogs for a minute (or when i'm home with my parents they usually nap with me), and the rest can wait. i'm out of my element, i probably just traveled a significant distance and i can just rest and not feel like i'm wasting time.

some people probably would be climbing the walls if someone they really wanted to see took a nap during their visit, but my people get it. and for that i'm thankful.

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