Sunday, September 9, 2012

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[7] things that spark my creativity.

Jane Harrison
ideas come and go for me. i rarely execute them unless they stick around for a few months. but there are a few things that inspire me and make me want to create something, no fail. those things include: awesome hand lettering, something i'm absolutely terrible at -- it makes me go looking for fonts; great tattoos, makes me want to either get another tattoo or figure out a way to transform awesome subject matter onto another medium; good black and white photography, particularly of animals.
these things make me want to make something, something better than i've made before. even though i have a long way to go before i'd be a decent hand letterer, will probably never tattoo anything, and once i get my camera in my hands, i have trouble figuring out where to point it. i just love that excitement that wells up inside of me.

[8] military significant other facebook pages, blogs and what not.

i was just selected to be an administrator for this page. i've been struggling with finding a happy medium of people to talk to about my struggles with becoming a military spouse the slow way. people who have never dealt with the military focus on how hard it must be. military folks give off this aura of "buck up, it could be worse." i want a happy medium of like "this is hard, and you're not crazy for being sad/frustrated, but ____" i'm yet to find that group of individuals, if they exist. until then, blogs about care packages, facebook pages that post a lot of inspirational stuff, and following army wife pinterest boards is going to have to cut it.

[9] learning those life lessons that everyone learns.

my rather wild sense of responsibility used to be enough to get out of bed in the morning. i had to get to swing choir, then i had to get to classes that i was paying a ridiculous amount to go to. now that i've been going to the same building, doing roughly the same things for almost 3 years now, i need something more. i need to bait myself with good things that could happen that day, or, sadly, the stuff i could buy with the money i'll earn. i finally get what it means to not want to get out of bed in the morning.
my most recently learned lesson is that falling in love is easy, staying in love is work. in the past, i've been a cut n run kind of girl. i've always heard relationships/marriage are work, but wow. i now find myself self-evaluating and communicating feelings like a grown up. i never realized how very, very different pushing to make something work and the wait and see method would be. happiness isn't something that often just falls into place. i found my fight.

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