Monday, November 12, 2012

US military members

***i actually wrote this a while ago, but seeing as that i didn't get through my 30 days of thanks series, i'll post it now.

i am OH SO thankful for members of the military.

j just came home last thursday. it is so wonderful to have him back. while being happy to be home with me and the dogs, i know he misses it already.
i think of my cousin, who is serving in asia currently. his wife is expecting their first child soon, and though they're both quite young, they're handling it gracefully.
i thought about how this summer was a pretty lackluster patch in my otherwise good life. and i get pretty grumbly about that. but the truth is that if people like my cousin and j didn't step up to do what they do, i'd have A LOT more to worry about than where to apply for jobs, when i'm going to get married, and eating healthy.
i certainly wouldn't have a lot of the little things to be thankful for, because i wouldn't have them or wouldn't enjoy them the same way.
i went to high school with some guys who went on to the marines, one even earned the purple heart.  my father was in the army national guard for 14 years. j's dad made a career of the air force. i've had the privilege of knowing many other soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines (i have never known anyone in the coast guard).
they're heroes. definitely more than an overpaid professional athlete or diva musical artist.

i'm also thankful for significant others and families of the military.

i've recently started adding local girls from the wives n gfs of the army facebook page. they're all so strong and funny and great. it's nice to be making new friends again.

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