Friday, January 25, 2013

life resumé.

this morning, i read an article on thought catalog called "here's my effing resume". and while the comments below it are rather disheartening, the basic premise is this: "I propose we acknowledge that the stuff of human beings cannot be properly conveyed by an exaggerated list of places where we have sat behind desks..."
and i thought it'd be fun to do my own.
  1. the most relaxed i've been in my life was the summer after my freshman year of college. spending nearly every weekend on pine knoll beach in north carolina, not expected to contribute financially, completely unplugged from the internet except when i traveled to the cafe for a mango smoothie and 20 minutes on the internet. i sometimes slept 16 hours a day, lived in a couple different places including, at one point, a house with 2 dogs, 2 cats, 4 birds, 2 big fish tanks (freshwater eels included), 3 beta tanks, and a bearded dragon. 
  2. i was in dance lessons for 10 years. i did ballet, tap, jazz and pointe dancing during that time. for recitals, i was everything from a tiny yellow bird to a sparkling silver star to a zombie softball player. i quit the year after i got to do the tap performance to the chips ahoy song because i figured it was only down from there. and i wanted a job. 
  3. assembling boxes in the shape of a wii then putting a large, complicated sticker over it is probably the most unusual thing i've ever been paid to do. it was awesome to spend a couple saturdays in a roomful of people i liked, listening to music ranging from show tunes to peaches, helping my work study boss' husband fill valentine's day orders of mii-shaped chocolates. it was the first time i made enough money to buy something other than cheap clothes and food, so i bought a nice table lamp for my apartment that i still use and have protected fiercely on every move.
  4. both of my "serious" exes are married to the next girl they dated after me.
  5. despite studying political science, i almost never discuss politics. i studied this with the intent of going to law school. but upon deciding that i hated most of the people i went to my pre-law classes with and the classes themselves, i changed directions. now i use my writing skills to proofread/streamline grants, write social media copy, and correct people's selection of to/too/two privately. my mom still thinks i should have gone to law school, i think. 
  6. after 4+ years of thinking that i may be bipolar, have a thyroid problem, or had just lost control of my emotions like a child, i have finally figured out what eats at me. secondary trauma. you won't find it in your dsm for probably many more years. 
  7. even though i'm trying healthy recipes all the time, campbell's tomato soup and a velveeta grilled "cheese" is my favorite meal. judge away.
  8. i consider myself a city person. after almost 10 years of living in cities, i think it's allowed. but the oh-so green missouri river valley, sycamore and cottonwood trees, and tall grass will always hold a special place in my heart. 
  9. every time i hear "abc" by jackson 5, i get sad, which seems ridiculous. a good friend and my swing choir dancing partner for that song was killed in a car accident the summer i was in north carolina. 
  10. i didn't touch alcohol until just before i moved in to college. which being from a small town in "the middle of nowhere" is a bit of an accomplishment. and i have still never smoked a cigarette, though i got very close my sophomore year of college. i was drunk and ended up breaking the thing before we could get off the shuttle to light it. (alcohol: failed gateway drug, in my case)

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