Tuesday, January 15, 2013

making a home.

it's a slow-going process. you agonize over the closet space you lost, and how to organize the pantry you never had in the old place.

you drive further for a kitchen cart than you originally intended. but save over $100 by doing so.

you buy shelving from a rather sketchy place, where everyone seems to know everyone and they take the stuff they were displaying on the shelves off to disassemble it and put it in the back of your car.

you assign your boyfriend to finding a microwave on craigslist; you've gone 2 years without one, but think that maybe it is time.

the concept of carrying anything else up the stairs makes you debate every purchase, but you need that dresser that you found from the "as is" section at ikea. you've never actually made it out of the "as is" section without buying something since you discovered it.

you thank God that you live so very close to home depot, where you have visited more than once in a day to  buy magnets, 3m strips, screws, hooks, a power drill, paint, a painting tool kit..

a topographical map could still be drawn of the living room to detail navigation around the boxes.

wall space above the couch has been left empty because you found a laser-cut wall decal of the millennium falcon that you love; but things like food, a desk and a bathmat come first in the budget. but it annoys you.

you avoid the spare bedroom except to go get q-tips because you remember they're there, but you don't take action to move them to a better place.

some remorse sets in as you've been living in your place for almost a month and you still live among boxes and are trying to figure out where the hell to put the cake stand you liked in your old place but not here because you decided to dig your fruit bowl out and use it on the table instead. but you rejoice when you find new uses for old things, like putting gravy mixes and yeast in the cookie jar that used to just collect dust.

but the light, especially in the bedrooms.

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