Tuesday, February 12, 2013

currently. 2.12.2013

my mentee and i made v-day cake pops this weekend. nailed it.

Watching: last night j and i watched old SNL episodes. i honestly laughed more at a joke of my own later in the night. 
Anticipating: tonight's rugby meeting. finally going to find out what i'm getting myself into.
Eating: just ate an orange.
Reading: a beautiful mess about project life. makes me want to make photo books (not scrap books, but like things you put together digitally and order)
Thinking about: a thought catalog article i just read about self-help books. 
Listening to: my grief counseling spotify list, not because i'm sad just because it's unobtrusive music.
Drinking: diluted licorice tea. (yes, still.)
Working on: today, it'll be board meeting minutes (boo hiss)