Monday, April 8, 2013

easter sunday.

so this Easter was probably one for the books. no turkey or ham. no eggs or church. i don't recall even seeing any bunnies. not even any family.
it was snakes, turtles, elephants and camels for me this Easter.
i know i haven't updated for a while, but i joined the glendale raptors rugby team, kind of on a whim. so i've been busy with practice, chiropractors and sleeping and what not. anyway.
i was in san diego with the team for a small tournament. it was only a one day deal, so we were free to wander the other 2 days we were there. on friday we went to a couple beaches. saturday, we played.
sunday, i decided to break off from the group and go to the zoo by my onesie. i knew that i was already sun burnt, so going to the beach with the rest of them was a less than desirable option. and i knew i'd be kicking myself if i didn't go.
so i hopped in a cab and zipped away.
this is what i saw.


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