Friday, March 7, 2014

short lists.

It's been a rough couple of weeks. Making lists brings order to my brain. Here are some short lists of what's been on my mind lately.

simple happy stuff. 
1. how clear my vision is after cleaning off my glasses

2. snuggling with the pups on the couch while i read.

3. joining J for his dinner break while he works.

stuff that bothers me. 
1. This.
2. Pretty much everything this page posts. (because it makes me feel powerless and like i'm not doing enough)
3. Body shaming.
4. This getting a lot more attention than this. And that the media has forgotten about this. But this is considered news.

stuff i dream about.
1. travelling. 
2. my aspiration:
3. figuring out what i'm passionate about and putting it into action. like these women. i used to be annoyed at them because it all seemed a little too perfect and cutesy. and they basically lived the life i'd love. emma is a bit more relatable then elsie, in my opinion. but they're doing something with their ideas. i shred, scan, refill, tell people how to get to the 4th floor.

stuff i roll around in my brain often.
1. taking a man's last name when one gets married. and no, this isn't any kind of announcement, feminism is just one of my brain rubik's cubes.
2. finding a place to do ceramics.
3. how can i be this awesome? (i hate the word swag, but this is great)